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August 25, 2007


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woot! I’m in! The whoop heard when I got my invite was deafening. I scared my kids and the cats scattered. lol I’ve been busy adding books to my library and projects. I have a sad lack of pictures that I MUST remedy soon.


August 19, 2007

rant on: dating…..

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when a guy decides to break it off/he’s not interested, why does he just leave a girl hanging? in my opinion, an ADULT would make a call/email/text message/whatever and just be honest. “this isn’t working for me. ” “i want to see other people.” “i feel the need to pursue other relationships.”

am I wrong? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

July 30, 2007


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Knitpicks Palette, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. Not very soft in the ball, but very nice in the finished object. I made up the pattern. The instep is straight k2p2 ribbing b/c I wanted a nice, snug fit. I tried to make up a simple twisty cable pattern for the ribbing, but it was a huge pain in the butt, so I only did it for 2 repeats and then went to straight ribbing.The sock on the L is blocked, and the R sock is unblocked. One ball of Palette made two socks with 1 inch cuffs, and you can see how much is left over. Not a lot.

June 21, 2007

Midsummer Soaping

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doublemint midsummer soap.

the soaping hiatus ends. i have no idea why i got away from soaping. last year tapered off with a half dozen salt bar batches, which didn’t involve any complex formulating at all.ย  i picked up knitting a couple months later, and the soaping took the back burner. i’ve even been worried lately that my supplies will go stale before i can use them.

but tonight reminded me it doesn’t have to be so hard to go back to my tried and true formula.

what REALLY made me decide to soap tonight was that it is the summer solstice and i’m in a harry potter swap. we’re supposed to make something that is magic to US.ย  so i pulled out the mints, which i love love love, and stirred up some midsummer magic.

i also harvested my peppermint by the light of this solstice moon. *sigh*

June 17, 2007

pics promised long ago

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ok. so i told you all about my cool phone case and never took pics. i was in the mood today, and got some hosted on photobucket. i used the same wool as the pink shrug for my niece and i just love it to death!

and here you can see it is just slightly smaller than the phone, to give it a slightly snug fit so my poor razr won’t flop out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

and coincidentally, today is my baby’s 5th birthday. i’m happy and sad at the same time.

June 13, 2007

One Skein Wonder

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well, my niece turned 14 today. i’m feeling old b/c i remember her at 4yo, with riotous curls. i decided to whip up a shrug to honor the occasion. glampyre’s one skein wonder fit the bill perfectly. i used knit picks’ superwash wool in ballerina.

front, pre-blocking

back, pre-blocking

fits just right!

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May 4, 2007

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blah. i had this cool tarot card thing worked out and the code won’t paste right. actually, it pastes just fine. but it won’t show you what i wanted you to see.

i made a super cool case for my phone using a simple ribbed cable pattern, knit in the round, with an i-cord handle on top. i used knitpick’s superwash wool in the color ballerina. what else? you should know by now, i love all things pink!

kick me in the butt. i don’t have pics yet. i will.

April 21, 2007

Bamboo baby socks

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Just found a couple more pics on my camera. These are baby socks knit on 2 circs, size 0. They are made with Crystal Palace’s Panda Yarn (46% bamboo, 43% wool, 11% nylon). I found this yarn to feel good in the FO, but it was fairly splitty to work with. I put them next to my Bluetooth to show the scale.

Wallaby progress

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This is my progress as ofย  8:30 this morning. (Isn’t it cute when they have sleepy eyes and bedhead?

And as of 9:45 pm, even after frogging 6 rows. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

So all that’s left is to whip the hood. I’m actually thinking about making another one and leaving it just like this one is now, with a sort of collar.

April 19, 2007

i’m psyched!

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i’ve found a groove in 4yo dd’s wallaby. i knit an extra inch on both sleeves for good measure, and i’m going to add at least 2 inches to the length of the body so she’ll have some growing room. sorry, no pics yet. i’ll get there, i promise!

i had a chance to go to my LYS today. *swoon* picked up a heathery lightish blue for 6yo dd’s wallaby. she really wanted a darker blue, but honestly, with 2 cats who are mostly white, it just didn’t make sense. also picked up a hank of mercerized cotton that has a thread of nylon through it. i’m going to make up a pattern for a cell phone case. i’m thinking i should also either make a pocket on it for my bluetooth, or make a separate case for my bluetooth, mp3 and headphones/cords. haven’t made up my mind yet. but with an entire hank, i’m sure i’ll have plenty.

i also drug my knitting bag inside with me and asked the nice lady if she could help me with my purl stitches. my stockinette on straight needles looks like a pattern stitch, instead of stockinette. she looked at how i make my purls and didn’t see anything wrong with it, yet the stitches tilt at an odd angle. she showed me her stitches, which are thrown, and they are perfect. i tried it and it worked so i guess i will be a continental knitter and i’ll throw my purl rows. what a freak! ๐Ÿ˜‰ at this point, i don’t care, i just want my st. st on straights to look as nice as when i knit in the round.

dr. released me back to work as of next thursday, so cross fingers for me. i’m doing light duty hours until then. blech! but SOME pay is better than none i guess.

ttfn, dkm

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